The Simplicity of Wisdom

A few years ago Robert Fulghum wrote a book titled “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. I have come to really appreciate the lessons we were taught in kindergarten.
A few years ago someone asked about a situation I was going through. My response was simply “I am the wrong bird”. I was referring to the story about the ugly duckling. You know…the story about the duck that was teased every day about being ugly and so different from the other ducks. One day he ran away and saw a flock of beautiful swans and wanted to swim with them, but remembered how much he had always been teased about how he looked. Then he saw a reflection of himself in the water and realized that he looked just like the swans.
My point is…you have to know ….who…. you …are! We must then stay true to ourselves and keep searching until we find our flock. You won’t be at peace until you do.

Let it Out!

It has been said that gray hair is a sign of wisdom; and wisdom has been defined as the application of information, based on our understanding or interpretation of information. I want to share something with you that I reluctantly had to accept and am in the process of applying to my life. I participate in a bible study series titled: “Relaunch Your Life: How to Comeback from a Setback”. Recently the facilitator— Rev.C.J.—stated that we had spent two months studying the life stories of Biblical men and women and how they worked through their set-backs; and that it was now time to write our story, so we could begin our relaunch and comeback. Instantly the room was filled with pure agony! It was palpable. Our immediate response was “I don’t want to go there”, “why re-live that pain?” and “how will re-hashing that part of my life help me?” We all went to the dark places; the things that we have told ourselves repeatedly…’I am over that’.
I told myself and classmates that although painful, this step was necessary. We have to get it out, to get over it; and our response to the assignment only reveals that the pain is still there.
However, a new revelation came to me about how the mind and body, or the mental and the physical, respond differently to the healing process. The mental response is suppression; but the physical response is excretion. The body demands that anything that is causing harm or discomfort be eliminated.
So…… it is time to LET IT OUT! Write it out…. type it out…….. or talk it out. Whatever method you choose……but choose to LET…IT……OUT; and let the healing and victory begin.